Wind Chill + Gold Group Realty

Gold Group Realty has officially joined the Minnesota Wind Chill partner network for the 2019 season.

Founded in 2017, Gold Group Realty focuses on providing clients with customer-focused realty services for those looking to buy, sell, lease, or invest in commercial or residential real estate.

The Wind Chill will work primarily with Andrew Wieberdink, a principal for Gold Group Realty. Wieberdink considers himself to be a family-focused realtor. Whether it be a commercial space for business or a home, Wieberdink is driven to help people make the most informed real estate decisions possible so they’re doing what makes the most financial sense for them and their family’s future.

“There’s so much that goes into finding the right partnerships for the team, but providing value to our fans, the ultimate community, and our players seems to stand out above the rest in our decision-making process. Many of the fans who routinely enjoy Wind Chill games are either shifting to a family lifestyle, or are there already. We want to give back to those fans by offering a local realty group as community-focused as Andrew and the whole Gold Group Realty team,” said Ben Feldman, who is the general manager and part-owner for the team.

It’s a community that Wieberdink and Gold Group Realty happen to love, too.

“I grew up casually playing ultimate, and I learned quickly that the people that play and follow the sport make up a wonderful community. I gained many friends this way, and a lot of them still play to this day. Partnering with the Wind Chill was a perfect fit for me and the team because it allowed me to continue to work with and give back to the community that is a part of this great sport,” Wieberdink said.

Gold Group Realty and the Wind Chill are currently in the middle of determining what promotions, offers, and activities they’ll be showcases during Wind Chill games this season.

If you’re looking for someone to assist you with your business or personal real estate needs in the meantime, check out Andrew and Gold Group Realty at

Even better, if you mention “Wind Chill” to Andrew or any other Gold Group agent prior to signing, you will immediately have your $399 admin fee waived in light of your support of the home team!