Vote in the Final Four of the Name Change Bracket

by Ashley Kouba

After an intense first round of voting, the Final Four names in the Name Change Bracket have emerged. The four names advancing to the next round include the Chicago Blues taking on the Chicago Chaos, and the Chicago Goats going up against Chicago Union.

A record number of people participated in the first round of voting, yet three of the match-ups were almost too close to call. Blues narrowly defeated Grid, and after a few days of being tied up Union finally pulled ahead of Lakefront. Goats held onto an early lead over Elite despite a last day effort to close a nearly 100 vote gap. In the end, the multiplier voting power of the newsletter recipients sealed the fates on all four matchups. Interested fans can sign up for our email list here to carry more weight in the next two rounds of voting. 

We have updated the bracket and fans can cast votes for their favorite two finalists. Voting for this round will conclude on Friday, August 21st at 11:59 p.m. The Final two names will be announced on Monday, August 24.

For more information on the name change, see the Wildfire Name Change FAQ.