5 Takeaways from All Star Weekend

By Adrian King

Our favorite former AUDL coach, Adrian King, is back this week with his 5 top takeaways from this weekend's inaugural AUDL All Star game, which featured Chicago's Pawel Janas on team KPS:

  1. Rather than group the players by geographic divisions (e.g. East vs West), the league opted to nominate two captains to form teams with a draft. Madison’s Kevin Pettis-Scantling (KPS) selected for “Team KPS” while the opposing “Team Rowan” formed from the brain of DC Breeze’s Rowan McDonnell. Rowan was the AUDL’s 2018 Most Valuable Player and KPS could be a literal Viking.  

  2. Before the draft, Pawel already knew who he wanted to play with. “I don't want to lose to KPS again” he said. “So please pick me, KPS!” He got his wish as the Madison rival scooped him up with a second-round pick.

  3. When asked if he was worried about the Midwest Division needing to prove that it plays at the top of the league, Pawel responded, “Everyone knows the Midwest has the best players.” This turned prophetic as the Pittsburgh Thunderbird’s representative, Max Sheppard, captured the All-Star MVP trophy with a dominant performance.  

  4. The inaugural All-Star game set a ridiculous benchmark for excitement: two overtimes.

  5. Chicago’s representative left his own mark on the night. In the second overtime, with the game on the line, Pawel streaked up the line to catch the deciding goal and capped off an unforgettable weekend.

See the entire All Star game on Stadium at https://watchstadium.com/live/2019-06-09-audl-all-star-game-audl/