Chicago Union Week 2 Match Recap

by Tessa Martyn

On Saturday, June 12, the Chicago Union matched up against the early favorites to win the Central Division, the Minnesota Wind Chill. The Chicago Union led 13 to  6 by halftime and defeated the Minnesota Wind Chill 23 to 18, giving them a 2-0 start to the season and the title of team to beat in the Central Division. 

“Our stats from the first two games indicate that our roster is playing well and winning together as a team, which I’m pleased to see. This will be our focus in Detroit. We are going to focus inward and play our game the best that we can. I’m hoping to see contributions in blocks, scores, and assists from across our roster,” said Dave Woods, Head Coach for the Chicago Union. 

During Saturday’s game, both 34-year-old Pat Shriwise and 27-year-old Keegan North delivered highlight reel layout moments for Chicago Union’s balanced offense. In addition, Shriwise, North, Nate Goff, and Captain Ross Barker all shared the team-lead with three goals apiece in Saturday’s win.

“After rewatching our game and analyzing the stats, they actually suggest that we still have work to do. The Wind Chill outscored us in the second half 12-10 and their turnovers fell from 11 in the first half to 5 in the second. That shows that they adjusted well and we did not. While our turnovers were fewer, we still have some lapses in mental focus which resulted in errant throws and poor decisions with the disc. These are both areas that we will work to improve in the weeks ahead,” said Coach Woods. 

The AUDL has entered Week 3 and the Union will be matching up against the Detroit Mechanix. After losing 28 to 16, to the Indianapolis AlleyCats, this past weekend, the Detroit Mechanix have now lost their last 41 games.

Chicago Union will play their first away game of the season against on Saturday, June 19, 2021, at six o’clock in the evening against the Detroit Mechanix at Grand Rapids Christian High school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.