Chicago Union x 2021 AUDL Awards

by Tessa Martyn

It has been four weeks since Championship Weekend took place and not much news in the AUDL atmosphere. Nevertheless, the AUDL announced all the major league awards on Tuesday, October 5th which kept players, coaches, admin, and fans all on their toes. The Chicago Union came up big with nearly a player in every category including a couple of honorable mentions.


2021 All-AUDL First Team: 

No surprise here for #55 Pawel Janas. Janas was named  to the 2021 All-AUDL First Team. In his 2021 campaign, Janas played in 13 games, recording 10 goals, 63 assists, 2 blocks, and had a 97.4 percent completion rate. Janas is no stranger to accolades as this is his fourth time being named to an All-AUDL Team (2017, 2018, 2019, & 2021).

2021 AUDL All-Rookie 1st Team: 

#5 Paul Arters was named to the 2021 AUDL All-Rookie First Team. Arters played in nine games this season, recording 22 goals, 29 assists, 4 blocks, and had a 96.8 percent completion rate. Additionally, #2 Eli Artemakis was recognized as an honorable mention for the AUDL All-Rookie 1st Team. Artemakis played in eight games this season, recording 15 goals, 6 assists, 1 block, and had a 98.7 percent completion rate. 

2021 AUDL All-Defense Team: 

#15 Drew Swanson was named to the AUDL All-Defense Team.Swanson recorded 20 blocks in 9 games and had 157 points played. Of all the other players on the All-Defense Team, Swanson played in the least amount of games and points played. Another shoutout to #11 Nate Goff for being named an honorable mention in the AUDL All-Defense Team. Goff recorded 14 blocks in 10 games and had 200 points played. 

Congratulations to all the players on a phenomenal 2021 season! This season will be one that is always remembered.