The Pittsburgh Thunderbirds is excited to announce that the Supercell, Pittsburgh Thunderbird's Premiere Mixed ultimate team, will play Washington DC on Sunday June 3rd at Noon at Founder's Field. The Thunderbirds are thrilled to showcase the talent and skill of the Supercell mixed team in a unique format. Roster announcements for the women of the Supercell will begin rolling out this Monday May 7th, so get hyped to learn more about the new athletes joining the Thunderbirds squad for this premiere game! Tickets are available at


The Supercell Roster

Amanda Erlandson - #8

Amanda started playing ultimate after college, while she was living in China, but growing up she played soccer and lacrosse and ran a couple of seasons of track. She was able to coach at a youth ultimate tournament in China in 2013 during her time abroad. She prefers to take the field as a cutter and has been playing for almost seven years on teams such as Pittsburgh Crucible (Regionals 2017), Sparkleponies (Regionals 2016, 5th place; Regionals 2015) and Shanghai Huwa in 2012 and 2013 (won some tournaments in China). She is looking forward to bringing her passion for mixed ultimate to the Supercell, and is “...excited to play with the great players on the team and help to raise the profile of mixed ultimate - it is such a unique part of our sport!”



Carolyn Normile - #36

Carolyn’s bio, like her playing style, will be efficient and effective. She takes the field as a true hybrid player who is able to contribute offensively, defensively, behind the disc or downfield. She started playing during her first year in high school at Lower Merion, where she won States twice. She’s played at U-24 Worlds and won silver in 2015 and gold in 2018. She’s played at the University of Pittsburgh for the last five years, and she can’t wait to play on the Supercell with the awesome women of Pittsburgh.



Cat Pagano - #40

Cat started playing ultimate during her senior year of high school and after this college season, she’ll have been playing for 6 years. Her ultimate career began in 2012 at North Allegheny, where her team was 2013 PHUL Champions. As part of the University of Pittsburgh Women’s Team, Danger, she has been a key handler during their college nationals appearances in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Cat also played on Hot Metal from 2014 - 2017. She is looking forward to playing Supercell and sees it as an opportunity to draw attention to the female talent in the Pittsburgh Ultimate community and beyond (#GEQUITY). Fun fact, she likes to whistle and she got a minor in Studio Arts while studying abroad in Florence, Italy!


Christie Lawry - #3

Christie brings big throws and offensive intensity to the Supercell. She typically plays in an offensive "flex" position and prefers to be behind the disc as handler but have the freedom to go downfield. Christie began playing ultimate over 14 years ago in 2004, and over those years, she captained her college team and captained several club teams, including a current captainship with Alloy, Pittsburgh's Elite Mixed Team. She has attended club nationals four times and was a member of Scandal from Washington DC  in 2013 when they won the Women's Club Championship that year. Now, with the opportunity to play professional ultimate, she is looking forward to playing with some great players - some of which are her great friends and teammates and some are new teammates that she doesn’t usually get to play with - in a high level setting.


Jess Mast - #10

Jess never played any organized school sports, but she always enjoyed playing table tennis when she was younger. In 2011, she first started playing pickup and league through a table tennis connection, and interestingly, she thinks some of those skill sets transfer well to ultimate. Jess’ favorite part of the sport is handling and throwing, and she is excited to play with an awesome group of talented individuals on Supercell. She played on Notorious CLE in 2012, 2016, and 2017, where the team finished 3rd at Club Regionals. She played on Heist in 2014 and on Scandal in 2015, finishing 11th and 6th respectively at Club Nationals.


Kelsey Lenard - #25

Kelsey eats pain for breakfast. That routine started in high school as a varsity soccer and softball player and continued in college, where she started playing ultimate as a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, securing the Freshman of the Year accolade for the 2006-2007 season. Kelsey has brought her crushing defense and general swagger to college nationals and club nationals. As a team member of the Supercell, she is most looking forward to the opportunity to play with some of the most talented female athletes in the region - demonstrating that female athletes deserve equal opportunities as their male counterparts.


Libby Lehman - #12

Libby began her athletic career playing volleyball and running track. However, she was coaxed by a friend into going to club ultimate practices instead of club volleyball, which began her playing career on the Case Western women’s team from 2008 - 2013. She’s been playing for the past ten years on teams including mixed and women's club in Cleveland for 5 years (BOI, Notorious CLE, Disc-OH), and she played Hot Metal in 2013 and 2014. As an offensive handler, she’s excellent at using her height and speed to gain position to put up big throws. She’s excited to get the rare opportunity to play with and learn from incredible players that she is not typically on the same side of the field as.


Linda Morse - #82

Linda began playing ultimate during the spring semester of her freshman year of high school and has been playing for the past 9 years. During Linda’s time playing for University of Pittsburgh Danger, she was their nationals team MVP 2014, Captain 2016, team Spirit Award Winner 2017, and the Women’s Callahan Runner-up 2017. She’s played on the Philadelphia Women’s Club Team Green Means Go in 2015 and spent the past two seasons playing for the Philadelphia Mixed Team, Amp, where the team took 6th place nationally in 2016 and 2nd place nationally in 2017. Outside of ultimate, she enjoys spending time with her wired fox terrier dog named Gonzo, who is very photogenic. Linda enjoys playing as cutter on the field, and off the field she coaches youth high school girls ultimate. She is most looking forward to helping display the massive amount of talent and athleticism that women are capable of bringing to ultimate on the professional level by playing for the Supercell.


Molly Moore - #87

Molly is most looking forward to the opportunity to showcase high level female athletes on a visible semi-pro stage as part of Supercell. She has been playing for the past 13 years on teams including 2005 - 2010, University of Pittsburgh, Danger - 9th place finish at College Nationals in 2010; 2008, Pittsburgh Pounce - Club Regionals qualifier 2009, Pennsylvania Wildcard - Club Nationals qualifier in 2009 2011 - 2016, Pittsburgh Hot Metal - Club Nationals qualifier in 2012; and 2017, Pittsburgh Alloy - Club Regionals qualifier. She excels as a hybrid/cutter across these teams, and she brings a fun yet focused attitude on and off the field. She is also committed to investing in youth ultimate and has coached for the past 10 years, winning the Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League Coach of the Year in 2008 and 2011 and the Pennsylvania Coach of the Year in 2011. She is currently the Assistant Coach of her alma mater, University of Pittsburgh Danger.


Sarah Lemanski - #37

The weekend before Sarah's first day of college, she wandered into the WVU club sports fair and up to the Ultimate Frisbee Club table. At suggestion of some teammates at the table, she decided to sign up to play. Her decision to join the team was the catalyst that put her life on a new trajectory, one which would bring lasting friendship, athletic achievement, and community. Sarah continues to work on expanding the ultimate community to help new people find joy in the sport. She believes this is especially true of women and girls, and "we need to be telling them, showing them, and believing in them to play ultimate, and if we do that, our community will be better for it." Sarah brings the same intensity to promoting women in sports to her dominate handler play on the field. She is a key offensive handler for Hot Metal, the Pittsburgh Elite Women's Club team. She is most looking forward to the opportunity to play alongside many of the best women players across Pennsylvania and Ohio and to show the Pittsburgh community that women deserve to play on a highly visible stage, along with the men of the Thunderbirds.


Sharon Yee - #31

Sharon began playing ultimate in 2008, and she handled for Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) from 2010 - 2014 and has played Hot Metal since 2014. She is currently an Assistant Coach for the CWRU Fighting Gobies Women’s Team. As part of the Supercell, she is looking forward to Exposing fans to the greater ultimate community and getting people excited about opportunities to go out and play! Fun fact, Sharon bowled before she found ultimate and she still enjoys playing in rec leagues in Cleveland.


Shayna Reppermund - #6

Shayna started playing ultimate frisbee back in 2013. She comes from an athletic family and grew up playing soccer and basketball, along with all of her siblings. Naturally, when her brother Anson started playing frisbee, the entire family fell in love with the sport too. She had to take a year off to have ACL surgery, but that challenge only fueled her desire to put in the work and get back on the field. She joined Alloy, Pittsburgh's Elite Mixed Club Team, last season and excelled at helping the D-line get breaks. Shayna is really excited to play with Supercell's men and women. As she says, "this is the first opportunity I have had to play ultimate frisbee with some of them, they are all such talented athletes, and I can’t wait to take the field alongside them!"


Susan Devaraj - #18

Susan started playing ultimate in the fall of 2005, when she came to the University of Pittsburgh, and she has been playing for almost 13 years. Before finding ultimate, Susan ran cross country and track and played field hockey and soccer. Her foundation of endurance and athleticism has made her into a highly versatile player, who can adapt and succeed in various offensive and defensive capacities within any team. Although Susan was a D-line cutter for Alloy, Pittsburgh's Elite Mixed Team, during the past club season, she says her heart will always be with O-line cutting. She is looking forward to being a part of giving more visibility to women in ultimate and having the opportunity to be a professional athlete as a part of Supercell.


Tori Rollin - #17

Tori grew up playing several sports, until ultimate took over as the primary sport in her life. She helped found the first women’s team at Allegheny College, and they won DIII Sectionals and almost qualified for nationals during their first season. Tori prefers to adapt to the position where the team needs her the most. When she isn’t dominating on the field, you can find her on the sidelines giving high 5's and pumping up her teammates. Tori says that she “is looking forward to the Supercell because I will have the chance to play with some of the highest level players in Pittsburgh that I normally am competing against. We will also have an opportunity to play at the highest level of ultimate and see some of the media and exposure that professional ultimate currently has.” She plans to celebrate the post-game victory with her favorite food - a snow cone!


Verena Woloson - #33

Verena started playing ultimate 10 years ago, when she joined the University of Pittsburgh Women's Team, Danger, in fall 2008. Since then, Verena has risen to become one of the strongest offensive cutters in Pittsburgh and been on women's ultimate teams that attended college and club nationals. Building on her success as a 1000 point scorer during her high school basketball career, Verena brings a calm swagger when she steps onto the field. She is excited to join Supercell and play with so many amazing women. Fun fact, she's from Kennett Square, which is the mushroom capital of the world!

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