Rookie Referee Bio: Katie Colbert

Katie Colbert - Rookie Referee     |     Photo: Matt Kincaid


Katie first discovered ultimate in high school. “Friends and I would play very laxed versions of pick-up without any of the rules or guidelines that you are supposed to follow,” she said. It wasn’t until college when she discovered organized ultimate and joined IUP’s women’s ultimate team. From pick-up, to organized, to reffing Professional ultimate games, where will Katie go next? Read more about Katie in our rookie referee bio piece.

Katie also plays in a lot of the Leagues that are a part of the Pittsburgh Ultimate Community scene and has played in both casual and draft leagues. Reflecting on her favorite ultimate experience, Katie recalls her first ever trip to Myrtle Beach to play at High Tide. “It was my first year playing ultimate,” she said. “It really cemented the love of the game for me. I bonded with some people that are now some of my closest friends!”

When Katie isn’t playing or reffing ultimate, she loves to run when she finds the time and energy, but admits if it’s not ultimate or running, you’ll find her napping.  

You can catch Katie calling the next Thunderbird game on May 25th against the Minnesota Wind Chill at 6PM at JC Stone Field. Tickets are available here