US Cryotherapy Austin returns as Official Recovery Partner

The Austin Sol are pleased to announce the return of US Cryotherapy Austin as the Official Recovery Partner for the 2020 season. Founded in December 2017 by Chase & Laura McKinzie, US Cryotherapy Austin is a small, family-owned business run by a dynamic mother-son duo right in the heart of Austin at 31st & N Lamar. US Cryotherapy Austin offers cutting-edge, holistic recovery treatments for athletic recovery, chronic pain & inflammation management, sleep improvement, and stress reduction. They were the first cryotherapy facility in Texas to implement a spacious 4-person nitrogen-free, chemical-free cryotherapy chamber, which is clinically supported to be the safest & most effective cryotherapy technology in the world. Since its humble beginnings, US Cryotherapy Austin has added Joovv Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy, Theragun Vibration Massage, and NormaTec Compression to their arsenal of recovery modalities. Sol co-owner and player, Ryan Purcell, was ecstatic about the relationship in 2019, “The team at US Cryo is absolutely fantastic! Very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, staff always attentive and helpful, and the product is legit! As a professional athlete, I've taken LOTS of ice baths in the past, and the cryo chamber is faster, more comfortable, and more impactful to my recovery from workouts and games.” In addition to supporting the Sol, US Cryotherapy is offering a Austin Sol Fan & Community discount of 10% OFF every item, package, and membership, so you can recover like your favorite Ultimate Team! Give US Cryotherapy a call at 512-975-2796 to experience nitrogen-free cryotherapy first hand or schedule your discounted Sol appointment online. #KeepAustinChill