Job Posting - Team Statistician

The Team Statistician is a paid position and requires attendance at ALL home and away games throughout the season (2-3 hours per game).

Responsibilities include:

-Attend all RUSH games, both home and away, to ensure 100% accuracy, timeliness, and consistency in the reporting of game statistics.
-In 2020 the team will travel to Boston/New York on one weekend. Ottawa/Montreal on one weekend and additional 1 day trips to Ottawa and Montreal.
-Team Statistician will utilize the newly designed AUDL stats app, and have an iPad tablet provided to them for the duration of the season. Training will be provided by the AUDL.
-Provide feedback to AUDL on potential improvements or adjustments to improve the AUDL stats app.
-While travelling with the team, all food, lodging, and travel expenses will be 100% covered. 

An ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of Ultimate and an aptitude for technology.

Interested candidates can complete the below form: