Rush Set to Take on Outlaws on Sunday

May 18, 2018
By Louis Zatzman

The second of Toronto’s two-game home stand this weekend will take place on Sunday against the feisty Ottawa Outlaws. The game will tip at 1 PM eastern time in Toronto’s Monarch Park Stadium. Get yo tickets. 

Toronto and Ottawa know each other like Cain and Abel. A number of Outlaws have played with the Rush, or Toronto club team GOAT, or both, including Karl Loiseau, Derek Alexander, and Greg Ellis. The teams have very similar systems. The players know each other intimately. And the Outlaws have never beaten the Rush. 

Little brother syndrome is tough to shake, but Ottawa will have as good a chance as ever to topple their Ontarian rivals. Toronto star Andrew Carroll is coming off of an injury. Mark Lloyd won’t be available. Up-and-comer Jay Boychuk has led the team in goals – tied with Ben Burelle – on the season, and he will also be sitting with a tweaked knee. Cam Harris won’t play in the second day of a back-to-back. Toronto is beat up, and though they’ll be at home, they will be tired from their home opener against D.C less than twenty-four hours before. 

On the other hand, Ottawa has dramatically improved each game of the season. They stunk on their first road trip of the season, getting slapped 28-16 in New York, followed by a loss in D.C that was only closer in score, 26-19. Both games were close at half before Ottawa fell apart in the third quarters.

Ottawa next grew an impressive lead over the first three quarters in their home opener against the Montreal Royal, but the visitors stormed back in the fourth before winning in overtime. The loss was painful; the Outlaws were up one point with possession of the disc and seven seconds remaining in the game. Still, Outlaw play had improved dramatically with each passing game. 

The team’s most recent game was better still. At home against Philadelphia, Ottawa put forth a full game effort, only trailing in the first quarter. The Loiseau brothers led the team with eleven combined goals. The offence converted at an impressive 80 percent success rate, and the defence added several break points. Ottawa will carry that momentum into Toronto. 

The difference between Toronto and Ottawa has always been depth. Ottawa’s most talented and athletic players, including Alec Arsenault, Alexander, and Karl Loiseau, compare favorably with the top tier talents of any team, including the league-leading Rush. Toronto’s strength, however, lies in the ability of the middle of its roster; players like the MacKenzie brothers or Bretton Tan may not (yet) be household names, but they can defend anyone in the league. If Ottawa’s youthful talents like rookie Adam O’Donnell, athletic Paul Renaud, or defender Tyler Sadler can perform equally, then the Outlaws will have a shot. 

Another exciting development will be more playing time for Toronto rookies Drew Wilson, Dan LaFrance, and Phil Turner. LaFrance caught his first career goal against Montreal, while Wilson caught his first two against the Philadelphia Phoenix. Phil Turner is an exciting athlete who wants to model his game after teammate Isaiah Masek-Kelly; watch for him to make an impact, as he’s only played six points on the season, all against the Philadelphia Phoenix. 


Stat Watch: 

Ottawa (4 games played)

Assist Leaders: Goal Leaders: Block Leaders:
Derek Alexander (20)
Karl Loiseau (10)
Greg Ellis (14)
Alec Arsenault (14)
Karl Loiseau (12)
Paul Renaud (8)
Nick Boucher (6)


Toronto (4 games played)

Assist Leaders: Goal Leaders: Block Leaders:
Jeff Lindquist (8)
Andrew Carroll (8)
Adrian Yearwood (8)
Isaiah Masek-Kelly (8)
Ben Burelle (11)
Jay Boychuk (11)
Bretton Tan (6)
Isaiah Masek-Kelly (6)
Iain MacKenzie (6)
Cam Harris (6)


The line: Tor (-3.5) vs Ott (+3.5), per AUDL Pick ‘EM