Toronto Rush Announce SpiderTech Inc. As Official Partner

July 7, 2021

The Toronto Rush of the AUDL are proud to announce that they will partner up with SpiderTech Inc. for the upcoming season on their road to the 2021 Inaugural Canada Cup Series.

Partnering with SpiderTech, the inventor of the specific pre-cut kinesiology tape for body parts, will help ensure Toronto Rush players are at peak-performance as the sport of ultimate returns live in Canada on July 17 when Montreal travels to Toronto to kick-off the Canada Cup Series. SpiderTech enables athletes and everyday users to easily apply the performance-enhancing and injury preventive kinesiology tape thanks to the simplicity of their pre-cut products. Toronto Rush players will now, too, be able to quickly apply the pre-cut tapes even on the most challenging areas whenever it's needed, be it at on the field or at home.

Toronto Rush owner and Managing Partner, Jim Lloyd: "As we return to play, the health and well-being of our athletes are a priority.  Partnering with SpiderTech provides our athletes with an edge that we are confident will translate to success on the field."

SpiderTech CEO, Montu Khokhar: “As a proudly Canadian company, SpiderTech has a long tradition of supporting Canadian athletics and we are excited to team up with the Toronto Rush this year.  We're also excited to help grow the sport of ultimate, from a backyard game that everyone can play to an organized professional league, it's truly remarkable.”

In March, the AUDL announced the league’s three Canadian teams will not be included in the standard AUDL season due to travel restrictions at the US-Canada border. As is the case with the rest of the league, the league’s COVID protocols, established by the ACTF, will be enforced at all Canadian events, including training, practices, and any team-associated activities. The Canada Cup, beginning its inaugural season on July 17, will feature the three Canadian Teams competing in an eight-game season, culminating in September where the top two teams will face-off for $5,000 and the newly minted Canada Cup.

About the Toronto Rush:

The Toronto Rush joined the American Ultimate Disc League’s East division in the 2013 season – becoming the first Canadian AUDL team to join. The Rush franchise has been the model of consistency.  With 5 consecutive Eastern Division titles, 3 appearances in League Championship Finals, and one AUDL title in 2013, fans have come to expect to see this team excel on and off the field. The Toronto Rush organization strives to create a thrilling and heart-pounding atmosphere for fans by showcasing players with tremendous athletic ability and unparalleled skill in the sport of ultimate. To learn more about how the Rush can help grow your business, contact us via email at today!

About SpiderTech Inc.:

Over a decade ago, SpiderTech introduced the first commercially available precut kinesiology taping products. Today, SpiderTech is the quality leader of these products that are perfect for not only professional athletes but anyone with muscular and joint pain caused from everyday life. For educational videos and additional information on the use of kinesiology tape and pre-cuts, go to