ANNOUNCEMENT: Raina to Return in 2019 and Open Tryouts Scheduled

On behalf of the Management team of the Toronto RUSH, I am very pleased to announce that Sachin Raina will return as Head Coach of the RUSH for the 2019 AUDL Season.

"Sachin has been part of the organization since day one. He is a proven winner and his commitment and preparation are second to none. 2019 will be a pivotal year for the RUSH and our goal is to win the AUDL Championship next August."

Please join me in welcoming back Sachin.

Jim Lloyd, Managing Partner

A message from Coach Raina:

Greetings, and welcome to another season of Toronto Rush ultimate! To the fans, thank you for your continuing support. I look forward to seeing familiar and new faces in 2019 as we return home to Varsity Stadium. To the players, with tryouts right around the corner I hope your off season training is going well. I hope you're doing something each day that makes you better at ultimate. Every year we see an increase in the level of skill, athleticism, and competition, and I expect this year's tryouts to be no different. This year we'll be looking for the same types of players we've looked for in the past: athletes who can throw, catch, play defense, and who work hard every time they step on the field. We're looking for team players who want to make sacrifices, want to improve, want to make their teammates better, and, most of all, want to win. If this describes you, we look forward to seeing you on January 26!

Sign ups for the open tryout on January 26th are now live! Get signed up here.