The Royal celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023

The Royal celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023


Ten years for a professional team may seem short but for us it's quite an achievement.

The Royal faces a lot of challenges in terms of visibility. But two major ones are to promote Ultimate and make yourself known to the public. This was at the heart of our first strategic reflections. Looking back over the past 10 years, we believe we have contributed to the promotion of the sport through traditional media, social media and also our regional tours and our presence in various events.

Today, we are focusing our efforts on the growth of junior Ultimate. This objective was the basis of our first reflections, our 'raison d'être. To have young people discover this most marvelous sport and its values. Ten years later, our involvement with juniors is spread in our day camps, our family ticket rates, our Eaglets zone and our involvement within local clubs.

A decade later, the Ultimate has come a long way. Quebec Ultimate is currently in excellent shape for the future and for that, we have to thank our wonderful community. The players, these guardians of the values of sport, the volunteer parents accompanying and supporting their children, the coaches dedicated to the sporting progress. We must also thank the Fédération québécoise d'Ultimate, regional associations like UGM and local clubs. Your passion is contagious, we can't say it enough, THANK YOU!

Through these 10 years, we have seen several players wear our colors; to these players who are now ambassadors, we say thank you. Playing for the Royal is both a privilege and a sacrifice that we recognize. You have brought to life a range of emotions and created memories that are seared into the history of our organization.

The Royal could not have survived these years without the involvement of its volunteers, our friends. The game experience relies on your contribution and please know that you have a special place in our hearts, thank you very much. A last word to thank our supporters, the best! No matter the outcome of the match, you are loyal, loud and playful. You give us back our efforts and you give us a reason to be and to continue. We say thank you and let's stay together for another 10 years!

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Forever, our community.

Forever, the Royal!

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