Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Kids’s Zone – Les Aiglons (4-9 years old) in collaboration with the Youhou!

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Your kid will then get the opportunity to welcome the team at the beginning of the match, on the field! And then be entertain by a team of qualified and dynamic animators to live a unique experience and get initiated to Ultimate, and the Spirit of the Game (SOTG). SOTG refer to relevant competence and value such as respect, integrity and resilience.  While some may think that teaching concepts around Spirit of the Game (SOTG) to children and youth is difficult, in reality, they often take to the concept more easily than adults do. From a very young age, children have a strong sense of what is fair and engage in playground games that require each other to adhere to the agreed upon rules. SOTG in many ways is an extension of these principles and can be explained in simple language that children and youth will understand and be able to apply.

A healthy snack is offered to children at half-time. One of the kids will be chosen to hand a disc to the player of the game (MVP). One disc will be signed by the player and given to the kid, and a souvenir photo will be posted on our social media page. A moment that he or she will not forget!  

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Book a place by registering your kid online at least 24 hours before the game via the following link: LINK