Phoenix Sign Martin for 2020 Season

January 14, 2020

PHILADELPHIA —Greg Martin is returning to the Phoenix for his fourth year with the team. Standing at 5-foot-10, he boasts impressive speed and leaping ability. Martin is considered one of the Phoenix’s most potent deep threats. “G-Mart is a well-conditioned athlete who owns the skies and brings excitement to the field with his otherworldly catches,” said General Manager Jeff George. Despite injuries limiting his on-field appearances in recent years, during 2019 he managed to score the second most goals for the Phoenix in only six games. “I haven’t been able to play a full season since my rookie year, so staying healthy is a big goal for me. I feel like my role has shifted in the right direction since I first started with the Phoenix and I have high expectations for myself this season,” said Martin.

As a professional performance coach, Martin brings more than just his ultimate talents to the Phoenix. He uses his skills to invest in the team’s growth, often leading warmups for games and practices and helping other Phoenix players with training in the off-season. “As one of the most vocal leaders on the team he ensures the team is focused and physically game-ready, and that on-field leadership is crucial to our team,” said George. As for the 2020 season and future of the Phoenix, Martin said, “I’m really excited to see our rookies coming back. There is so much talent, commitment and positivity coming from them. Each season we play they will become more and more polished with experience.”


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