Nate's Favorite Facts - 2022

As part of Black History Month, the Phoenix present Nate’s Favorite Facts: A Journey Through African American History.

Nate's Favorite Facts returns in 2022 as AUDL rookie sensation Nate Little presents new pieces of African American history. If you would like to revisit events from 2021, you can find links to the articles below.

February 1 - Greensboro Sit-ins

February 4 - Rosa Parks' Birthday

February 10 - Leontyne Price's Birthday

February 16 - Bessie Smith Released Down Hearted Blues

February 19 - First Pan-African Congress, Frederick Douglass, and the Assassination of Malcolm X

February 24 - Rebecca Lee Crumpler

February 27 - Ratification of the 15th Ammendment

These are articles from this year that have already been posted!

February 3 - Eric Holder Jr. Becomes Attorney General