Damiano Returns to Phoenix for 2020 Season

January 20, 2020

PHILADELPHIA —Dustin Damiano has signed to the Phoenix, making 2020 his fourth AUDL season. The first handler to sign with the Phoenix, Damiano has been a critical piece of the team’s offense since he rejoined the franchise in 2018. Standing at 5-foot-11, Damiano combines quickness and agility with steady disc skills, offering versatility favored by Phoenix coaches. General Manager, Jeff George said, “Damiano sets himself apart from other handlers in the league with his quick feet and with his ability and desire to cut deep. Opposing defenders have their hands full by needing to keep an eye on him at all times or he’s gone — not many can do it.”

Damiano also brings a depth of professional league experience to the team. He is the only player with an AUDL championship under his belt, having won the inaugural AUDL Championship in 2012 while playing with the Philadelphia franchise. “The intensity I know is coming already has me pumped. I’m really looking forward to seeing what end zone celebrations the team has been workshopping in the off-season,” said Damiano, “I was hoping to work in a Niagara Falls visit during one of our annual trips to Toronto, but now with us out of the East, I’ll have to settle for a playoff appearance.”

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