Call for Referees

The Ottawa Outlaws are looking for some ladies or gentlemen to join the officiating crew in the upcoming AUDL season. If you're interested, review the details below, and contact us for more details or to express your interest. We may also have an opportunity for a regular scorekeeper if you want to participate but are not interested in being on the field.

Qualities Desired:

  • Project confidence in decisions, even if you're not absolutely certain;
  • Calmness under pressure, and ability to accept criticism in stride;
  • Able to learn, interpret, and quickly mentally access small details regarding rules and requirements of the league(s);
  • Officiating experience in ultimate (observer or advisor) or other sports; and/or
  • Understanding of Ultimate rules and high-level play.


  • Professional communication skills on and off the field, including quick email and text responses as needed;
  • Ability to strive for perfection in a profession where you will never be perfect.

Compensation: Refs are paid per game and payments increase with experience in the league.

Commitment: The commitment level can vary based on your availability, your desire to ref, and of course your ability based on our evaluation. No one will be scheduled for a game they cannot work.

Training: We have an experienced crew with three years of AUDL experience, and hundreds of games of CUC/USAU observing experience. We will help you learn the rules and referee best practices. There will be opportunities to officiate at scrimmage games in the preseason and to scorekeep or shadow the first few games of the season.

If you are interested in joining the crew, please send us an email at