Coaching Announcement

The Ottawa Outlaws are pleased to announce the signing of Luke Phelan and David "DJ" Janssen as Coaches for the 2019 AUDL Season. Luke and DJ bring a combined 44 years of Ultimate experience, have played for the Outlaws and understand the development plan for the franchise for the future.

"Securing quality coaching was my number one priority for the off season", said Jim Lloyd, Majority Owner and Managing Partner. "Last season we asked too much of our captains. At this level, it's next to impossible to game plan and strategize, play at their optimal level and make in game adjustments. Our team has proven that it is competitive and quality coaching will be the difference between winning and losing one goal games" he added.

 "I am looking forward to putting in the work to help improve this franchise. A professional team deserves a professional coach, and I will strive to be exactly that for the players, owners, and fans." said Phelan.

Janssen looks to 2019 as a pivotal year. "The goal is simple - We want this team and our players to compete against the top teams in the league week in and week out and we want to better our community. I’m excited to get to work"  said Janssen.

The Outlaws Open tryout is scheduled for Saturday February 2, 9pm at Superdome Gloucester (Hornet's Nest) and will be Luke and DJ's first opportunity to assess the new talent and start to make roster decisions for the 2019 season. Fans are welcome to attend and get a look at the new recruits and many returning players.


 Luke Phelan: 14 Years Playing experience

 AUDL: Ottawa Outlaws 2015 (Captain), 2016
 USAU: Phoenix (Captain 8 seasons), Firebird
 Nationals: CUC Championship, 2 Time CUC Silver Medalist






David "DJ" Janssen: 30 Years Playing experience

 AUDL: Ottawa Outlaws 2015, 2016, 2017
 USAU: GOAT, Phoenix, waX

 Nationals: 7 x CUC Championships, 2 Indoor National Championships, 5 time member of Team Canada National Team.