General conditions and measures relating to Covid-19

General conditions of the camp and measures relating to Covid-19

COVID-19 :

The preventive measures decreed by our governments will apply:

  • Sanitary measures necessary in the context of Covid-19.
  • Ratios of participants / camp leaders / field space will be respected.
  • Inscriptions are limited (50 participants per week)
  • Everyone's safety is our main concern.

Conditions générales du camp de jour

1. Disclaimer

The Montreal Royal and its junior camp, its directors, its employees, its camp leaders, its agents and its representatives are in no way responsible for any injury, damage or loss of any kind suffered by a participant during or resulting from any program and caused by any way, including but not limited to the negligence of the Royal.

2. Description of risks

By considering my child's participation in a day camp program, I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the risks and dangers, including but not limited to, associated with or related to ultimate. And I acknowledge and agree that my child, as a participant, may suffer physical injury or illness (minor, serious, catastrophic and / or fatal). In addition, I am informed and warned that :

- Injuries sustained in the practice of ultimate can make my child disabled or even permanently paralyzed;

- My child may experience anxiety or panic attacks;

- The risk of injury increases with fatigue.

3. Medical discharge

In the event of injury or illness, I authorize the Royal to obtain the medical treatment required for my child's condition and I release and do not hold the executors responsible for this authority. I also understand and agree to the fact that I am responsible for paying the costs and invoices related to the injury or illness suffered during the participation of my child in the day camp program, by traveling to the training site or during of the return trip.

4. Discipline

Children must respect all other children as well as day camp employees in their language, gestures and attitudes. In order to maintain a high standard of quality during training sessions, the Royal reserves the right to notify the family of a child interfering with the development of other participants of the termination of the young person’s participation. Administrative costs, a pro rata relating to the practices carried out as well as the products and services made available for the practices will be taken into account to make the reimbursement.

5. Image rights

I acknowledge and agree that my child's image or testimonial (collectively: "The Image") is used, independently or together. I authorize the CDJ Royal and any third party partner to use its Image and to integrate these elements, in whole or in part, into the finished product intended for distribution by any means and in any media whatsoever.

JI agree not to take any action of any kind against the Royal Day Camp, any of its representatives, employees, suppliers or third party partners in relation to the Image of my child and to the use that will be made.

I irrevocably assign to the Royal and to each of its beneficiaries all rights in the Image of my child, without any limit of territory valid for a period of five (5) years from the authorization of the assignment. This assignment includes in particular all rights of reproduction, use, exploitation, dissemination and distribution of the Image in all markets and on all media known and unknown to date.

This transfer of the right to the Image is granted free of charge.

6. Cancellation, refund policy, and late registration

Cancellation of the program initiated by the Royal

  • The Royal reserves the right to cancel one or more activity (s) if the number of registrations is deemed insufficient. If applicable, players will be reimbursed in full;
  • The Royal may, at any time and without notice, modify its programming ;
  • No person can participate in an activity without being duly registered ;

COVID-19 : The Royal is committed to reimbursing the consumer at 100%, if we are unfortunately forced to cancel the ultimate 2021 day camp due to Covid-19.

Cancellation and refund policy initiated by the participant

  • As stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act, a consumer may, at any time and at his discretion, terminate his registration for the ultimate day camp by sending a written notice, by email, of termination and request for reimbursement in specifying the subject "REQUEST FOR REFUND" to
  • The sessions that took place before the termination date are not refundable under any circumstances, even if the player could not be present;
  • If the registration is canceled a least 2 weeks before the camp’s start date, the Royal will refund the full amount, less the membership fee of $ 50.00
  • If the registration is canceled less than 2 weeks before the camp’s start date, the Royal will refund the full amount, less the membership fee and the equipment fee of $ 75.00
  • The Royal will issue the refund via interac transfer within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the refund request.

Registration for a program that has already started

  • The Royal will invoice the client for the full amount of the camp registration. Registration will be possible until halfway through the week