Wefunder Equity Raise

The AUDL is excited to announce a new equity crowdfunding venture through Wefunder, an online investing platform. Through the Wefunder campaign, fans are being given the unique opportunity to invest in a pro sports league. 

Bill Nye the Science Guy has signed on to be the AUDL’s Lead Investor for the crowdfunding campaign. Nye was a pioneering ultimate player at Cornell and has remained a passionate player and fan. 

“The flight of the disc in ultimate is beautiful," commented Nye. "The lift, spin, and curved flights of the disc, combined with the athleticism of the players, create exhilaration—and heartbreak. I hope that introducing the AUDL to new fans will encourage even more kids to play ultimate in school, and more serious athletes to compete at every level. I predict that one day ultimate will become the top team action sport for everyone."

The Wefunder campaign comes at an exciting time for individuals to get involved, as the AUDL has recently announced multiple endeavors that have positioned the league for long-term success, including the acquisition of Fulcrum Media Group, LLC just announced Monday.

We want this investment to be accessible to all types of investors, from small to large, with varying levels of investing experience. This equity offering will raise a maximum of $1,069,998 with investors able to purchase Series C Common Units beginning at the $150 level. Investment perks range from the $250 to $10,000 level and include varying combinations of an official ownership certificate, AUDL swag, all access tickets, AUDL.tv subscriptions and an invitation to the AUDL Zoom owner’s meetings. A full list of perks for different investment levels can be found on the official Wefunder page.

We hope that our new Series C investors will join our team as advocates to help make AUDL professional ultimate the top team action sport, for everyone.

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