Playoff Seeding Tie Breakers

There are 4 tie breakers for playoff seeding:

1. Head to Head record. 
2. Point differential in the games played vs each other. 
3. Adjusted Division Point Differential*
4. Coin flip

*Adjusted Division Point Differential is averaging the differential against each Division Opponent in all games played, giving equal weight to each matchup, and then adding that up for an Adjusted Division Point Differential. This helps resolve the imbalance of cross division games and 3 games against a weaker foe for one team but not the other.

Minnesota vs. Detroit 20-10
Minnesota vs. Detroit 20-15
Minnesota vs. Detroit 20-5
Wind Chill Adjusted Point Differential: +10

Madison vs. Detroit 20-15
Madison vs. Detroit 20-15
Radicals Adjusted Point Differential: +5

The league will complete this process for all division matchups/opponents, and then add up the differential calculated from each match-up to determine the "adjust division point differential" to determine the seeding. This does not pertain to the final four weekend, only the playoffs in the divisional rounds.