Ian Dietrich
Philadelphia Phoenix / Cutter
AGE/DOB March 29, 1997
COLLEGE Penn State

I started playing Ultimate when I was working at a summer camp with a WCU ultimate player. He convinced me to go to the wildwood beach tournament during the summer of 2015 before my freshman year at penn state. I met a couple of penn state players there and they convinced me to try out for the team. I ended up making the team and playing 4 years at PSU. My favorite Ultimate moment was at 2019 College Ohio Valley Regionals, PSU went down with a 1st round loss to Drexel, but I had the privilege of helping to lead the team through the backdoor bracket (with wins against great Temple and Case Western teams) to secure our spot in the 2nd day of regionals. I was super proud of that team and lucky that I got to share the field with a bunch of committed and gritty players.

Favorite Throw: Lefty Scoober

Player Highlights