Top 10 Reasons to Invest in the AUDL

Help us Hit our $500,000 Crowdfunding Challenge Target

The American Ultimate Disc League would like to thank the more than 200 investors, both small and large, who have helped make our StartEngine Reg A Small Open Public Offering such a success. With $420,000 raised to-date we are closing in on our next goal of $500,000! 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why we think you should invest in the AUDL today:     

  1. You are investing in a tangible, exciting product that has grown steadily over the past seven years and your investment will be primarily used to increase marketing spending to directly grow revenues of the league and its teams from sponsorships, ticket sales and licensing our media rights.

  2. The Championship Weekend VII, our premium annual event, was held recently in Madison, WI. This is a major source of revenue for the AUDL from ticket sales, concessions, merchandize, sponsorships and media rights. 

  3. The AUDL signed a new contract this year with Stadium Sports Network that delivers our premium content to mobile, online and satellite viewers. It also will significantly decrease the costs associated with producing and distributing our premium content to a wider audience. Tune into the Championship Weekend games on Stadium at or on your local Stadium affiliate  to witness the most exciting ultimate of the year.

  4. We have countless elite athletes who make our games so amazing to watch. Many of our great players are well known personalities both on and off the field. All our players are accessible to fans before and after the games at our affordable and family friendly events.

  5. The AUDL is a virtual highlight factory, each week we produce amazing highlight reels sometimes viewed by tens of thousands and regularly our top plays appear on SportsCenter Top10 and other well known sports feature shows.   

  6. Ultimate is defined by its intense athletic competitiveness without sacrificing the values of Integrity, sportsmanship, inclusiveness and gender balance. The league draws on the best players and coaches to participate regardless of race, gender or age.

  7. We want to increase the size of our investor community and our Series B Unit investors will be invited to participate in regular conference calls and be asked to provide input into new marketing programs, receive the latest updates, meet the players and more.

  8. We are offering great perks, starting at the $825 investment level which will be delivered after we close our StartEngine Crowdfunding that will apply to the entire 2019 season.  

  9. Series B Common Unit Holders are entitled to a pro-rata distribution of profits on the same basis as Series A Common Unit Holders who have previously invested over $4 million to fund the development of the AUDL.

  10. We are now accepting Bitcoin from investors so you can invest some of your Bitcoin profits in a fun and high potential company with a bright future in the emerging sports market.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, questions, suggestions and support!

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