AUDL Reset: Draco Back, Toronto Returns Big Playmaker

February 7, 2023
By Adam Ruffner

Going to keep it light in this space this week as the "AUDL Game of the Week" schedule and accompanying divisional previews and watch lists offer extensive, up-to-date coverage.

Mike Mackenzie Rejoins Toronto

After missing the entire 2022 season, Mike Mackenzie has re-signed with the Toronto Rush. Mackenzie has been a difference maker for the franchise on multiple occasions, first as a defender for a Rush team that made the championship game in 2017, and then again as Toronto’s WR1 in 2021 throughout the Canada Cup series.

Along with Mackenzie, Toronto has brought back their top scorers from last season. It remains to be seen where exactly the Rush fit in an uber competitive East, but they are now loaded with top line talent.

Top Passer Austin Taylor Back In ATL

Are there three better deep throwers in the league right now than Austin Taylor? With 108 assists, 52 huck completions, and over 8000 passing yards the past two seasons, Draco has been a one-man postal service for the Atlanta Hustle. Taylor can anchor drives from the backfield, or initiate as a receiver, using an electric first step and one of the quickest throwing windups to bombard defenses. 

Atlanta will play one of the toughest schedules in the league this season, including traveling to New York and matching up with Carolina four separate times. Taylor has a proven track record in big games, particularly against the Flyers. In three games against Carolina last season, Draco had 10 assists and nearly 900 passing yards on 137-of-143 throws; he had one of the best games of his career in 2021 against the Empire in the playoffs, throwing seven assists and 498 on 58 completions with just one throwaway.

Full list of announced signings for 2023 season

JP Burns
Christian Olsen
Bradley Seuntjens
Matt Smith
Austin Taylor

Matthew Armour
Eric Brodbeck
Kyle Henke
Jake Radack
Evan Swiatek
Mick Walter

Chris Bartoli
Simon Carapella *
Gustav Haflin
Tanner Halkyard ^
Luca Harwood
Rocco Linehan ^

Ross Barker
Jace Bruner
John Jones
Sam Kaminsky
Asher Lantz
Nick Pappas
Jack Shanahan
Andrew Sjogren ^

Joe Anderson
Alex Atkins
Quinn Finer
Jay Froude
Jonathan Nethercutt
Cody Spicer
Calvin Stoughton *

Connor DeLuna
Jason Hustad
Kevin Richardson

Rhys Bergeron
David Bloodgood
Cole Jurek ^
Jonny Malks
Joe Merrill ^
Tyler Monroe
Jacques Nissen
Andrew Roy ^
Jeff Wodatch

Joseph Cubitt
Bryan Walsh

Aaron Barcio *
Matt Bennett ^
Xavier Fuzat *
Ben Lewis ^

Cameron Brock
Ben Close *
Jacob Fella
Rick Gross
Levi Jacobs
Jeremy Keusch
Keegan North

Los Angeles
Daniel Brunker ^
Sam Cook
Pawel Janas ^
Michael Kiyoi
Andrew Padula
Milan Ravanell
Zac Schakner ^
Everest Shapiro
Mitchell Steiner
Brandon Van Deusen
Aaron Weaver

Abe Coffin
Dylan DeClerck
Quinn Snider

Raekwon Adkins *
Keenan Laurence
Evan  Magsig
Dylan Nice *
Robin Vickers Batzdorf
Max Williams

Mike Campanella
Greg Martin
Sean Mott
Paul Owens

Brandon Pastor
James Pollard
Jordan Rhyne
Alex Thorne
Eric Witmer

Quinn Buermeyer
Jonathan Lee
Ke'ali McCarter
Jon Snyder
Brian Stout

Tarik Akyuz
Jack Brown
Dominic Jacobs
Kenny Lane III
Tommy Lin
Garrett Martin ^
Marc Munoz
Zeppelin Raunig

Luc Comiré
Kevin Jay
James Lewis
Wilkie Lewis
Mike Mackenzie ^

Oscar Stonehouse
Phil Turner

* Rookie
^ New addition/did not play for team in 2022
Italics means the player signed within the last week

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