Latino All-Star Jerseys Now on Sale

June 15, 2022

Following the successful showcase of the Latino All-Stars—a team featuring some of the best players from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela—at TEP this past April, the Latino All-Star jerseys are now available for purchase through the Sublime Ultimate website. Jerseys are available in blue, orange, and white.

The Sky AUDL program continues to cultivate a working relationship with the already thriving ultimate communities in Latin America. With the announcement of the jersey sales, Sky AUDL released the following statement regarding the meaning behind the Latino All-Star jerseys:

"La participación en el torneo TEP Colombia 2022, marca un inicio en nuestro recorrido, el cual ha pasado a la historia, gracias al apoyo increíble del equipo Latino All-Stars, Los fans, amistades, la comunidad Latina y las personas que lo hicieron posible. Es por eso que esta camiseta significa mucho más, es el símbolo de representación latina al nivel del alto rendimiento y profesional."

"Participating in the 2022 TEP Colombia tournament marked a new beginning of our journey, which has gone down in history, thanks to the incredible support of the Latino All-Star team, fans, friends, the Latino community, and everyone who made it possible. That is why this shirt means much more, it is the symbol of Latin representation at the highest performance and professional level."

In addition to purchasing jerseys, you can learn more about Sky AUDL and how to follow the league from Latin America on the Sublime Ultimate website.