AUDL Call-To-Action Fundraiser Update

June 16, 2020

Following an anti-racism discussion panel, the Ultimate Frisbee Community Call to Action Fundraiser closed last Tuesday night with a final total of $67,950 in donations and matching contributions. On Friday the money was donated to the Know Your Rights Camp in an ongoing effort to help fund social justice initiatives. For more information on this organization, please check out their website at

The AUDL would like to thank all six panelists:

  • Shanye Crawford - Disc Diversity 
  • Kelvin Williams - Atlanta Hustle 
  • Lexi Garrity - Seattle Mixtape/Seattle Cascades
  • Dillon Larberg - Dallas Roughnecks
  • AJ Beard - Color of Ultimate
  • Gabe Hernández - Dallas Roughnecks

​Their work on the panel discussion and ensuing fundraiser campaign were instrumental for the league's ongoing social justice and community engagement initiatives. The AUDL would also like to thank the entire AUDL Inclusion Initiative team that launched last winter for their work on this project, and their continuing action to create more spaces for diversity, inclusion, and awareness of systemic issues in our league, and sport as a whole. 

Lastly, thank you to the ultimate community for engaging in this discussion and donation drive. While it is just the first of many steps we must take, we are so very heartened by your enthusiasm.