10 Plays That Defined 2019 AUDL Season: Page 8 of 10


Coffin vs. Raleigh



Honestly this “play” should be Abe Coffin’s entire game highlight reel. But this series has a theme, and we’re sticking to it.

After an 8-4 regular season, including two losses to the division rival Raleigh Flyers, the Dallas Roughnecks find themselves in a familiar spot taking on the Flyers in the South Division Championship Game for the third straight season. The Flyers finished the year with a 10-2 record and captured their second South Division regular season title in the last three seasons. Never having made it past the Roughnecks for the bid to Championship Weekend, the Flyers were hungrier than ever to get over the hump and make a run at the AUDL title.

Crushing the Flyers’ hopes and dreams in this one was Dallas’ Abe Coffin. The word “dominant” doesn’t do Coffin justice in this playoff game: He surgically picked the Raleigh defense apart with quick throw-and-gos, beautifully placed hucks and a non-stop motor. At 12-10 in the middle of the third quarter, the Roughnecks began working the disc down the field, running the offense through who else but Coffin. The sequence starts with Coffin filling into the left handler space to receive a swing from teammate Connor Olson. He turns to see an open Kevin Richardson in-cut, which he hits and follows with defender Jacob Mouw guarding Coffin close. Coffin gets the dump from Richardson after Mouw takes away the upfield option. Immediately seeing Thomas Slack cutting underneath towards the break side, Coffin throws a leaning inside backhand just as Mouw is setting up his backhand force, keeping Mouw off balance as Coffin easily follows the throw to get a leading dish back from Slack on the force side. Now just six yards from the end zone, Coffin quickly surveys his options as he sees Dalton Smith’s hand shoot up, who sees no one to his left if his teammate can pull off the break to the far side of the field. Coffin of course does, in the form of a pretty OI flick that floats around everyone into the waiting hands of Smith.

“Abe’s comically good at frisbee,” said Roughnecks Head Coach Wes Nemec to Evan Lepler back in February of 2019. “He’ll be really fun to watch this year.”

Nemec said it best. With nine assists, one goal and completing 48 of 48 throws, Coffin owns one of the most dominant games of the 2019 season. The Roughnecks of course would go on to beat the Flyers for the third time in three years and would represent the South Division at Championship Weekend in San Jose.