25 Under 25: Terrence Mitchell

November 28, 2018
By Adam Ruffner

This is an article in a series chronicling players around the AUDL who have made their mark at 25 years of age or younger. This list is by no means definitive or exhaustive. Full list available.

Already with four years of pro experience and over 100 career goals with the Raleigh Flyers, it's hard to fathom that Terrence Mitchell is still on the near side of his playing prime at the age of 23. Mitchell's game has garnered attention due to his breakaway speed and highlight reel hops, but what really makes him a special talent is his consistency. In four seasons, he's never registered fewer than 25 goals in a given year, and he's played in every potential Flyers game in franchise history save for one, ending a 53-game played streak to attend his college graduation this past May. 

As just one of many weapons in a high octane Flyers offense, Mitchell combined with Jack Williams and Jacob Fairfax to form one of the youngest and most dangerous cutting cores in the league this past season. Mitchell's off-disc abilities and timing paired perfectly with Fairfax's vertical game and Williams' do-everything skillset, allowing Raleigh's offense to run smoothly despite a lot of players deserving touches. When the three played on the same line in 2018, they dominated the opposition by causing matchup problems, outscoring opponents by a spread of 100-34 largely by running into and through the teeth of defenses. 

A favorite target of Jonathan Nethercutt, Mitchell seemingly gains an extra gear ot his already lightning quickness when chasing down the 2017 MVP's longballs, making for a ruthlessly effective one-two combo that can stretch any defense deep. Nethercutt connected with Mitchell 21 times in 2018, with Mitchell hauling in nearly half (9) for goals. When witnessing the synchronization of Nethercutt's high velocity hucks with Mitchell's roadrunner groundspeed, the word "unguardable" comes to mind.

Exhibit A. And...

Exhibit B.

There's not a whole lot that can be done to contain this pair when they find their rhythm. And Mitchell showed an added focus in big games in 2018, torching some of the best defenders in the league. Most notably, his scoring production exceeded his regular season rate, as Mitchell tallied 11 scores—nine goals and two assists—in two Flyers playoff games this year. 

If Raleigh continues to use Mitchell effectively as a slot receiver, and his usage rate increases slightly, a 50-goal season is definitely within reach. Including the playoffs, Mitchell averaged a goal in just under every five touches in 2018.