2016 All-AUDL Second Team

Player Team Assists Goals Blocks Plus/Minus Completions/Attempts Points Played
Jeff Wodatch 33 42 11 +64 240/257 290
Cole Sullivan 81* 28 13 +65 549/595 366
Greg Cohen 29 36 25 +73 126/140 297
Kevin Quinlan 43 42 11 +59 185/214 259
Matt Jackson 19 27 19 +54 212/233 311
Jeff Loskorn 39 17 16 +28 430/469 236
Matt Smith 27 49 8 +72 278/288 285

*Led league in 2016
Other candidates: Sean Ham, San Jose Spiders; Justin Allen, Raleigh Flyers; Cameron Brock, Indianapolis AlleyCats; Keenan Plew, Indianapolis AlleyCats; Donnie Clark, Seattle Cascades; Matthew McDonnell, DC Breeze; Mike Lee, Ottawa Outlaws; Alan Kolick, DC Breeze

Player Breakdowns

Jeff Wodatch — DC Breeze
The most consistent performer on the Breeze this season, Wodatch always found a way to get his on offense. He's one of the best players at adapting to individual matchups, and his wide-ranging set of skills allows him to always interchange seamlessly between varying styles of play. He's big and strong enough to body out most defenders, and he has the speed to get to wherever he wants.

Cole Sullivan — Jacksonville Cannons
The most aggressive downfield thrower in the league, Sullivan tied the AUDL single-season record for assists by throwing 82 in 2016, with many of them coming from beyond half field. His power as a thrower is almost unmatched, and Sullivan's ability to identify matchups and exploit weaknesses in opposing defenses makes him a nightmare to stop once he gets in a rhythm with the disc.

Greg Cohen — San Francisco FlameThrowers
The spark at the center of much of San Francisco's successes, Cohen is a go-and-get-it phenom. He has by far the lowest usage rate of any member on the All-AUDL squad, but he more than makes up for it with his scintillating rate of production, scoring a goal or notching an assist on almost 37 percent of all his touches in 2016. A fiery defender, Cohen opened the season with a Callahan in his very first point and didn't slow down after that, generating 25 blocks.

Kevin Quinlan — Montreal Royal
A true gunslinger, the cocksure Quinlan has never seen a throw he didnt like, or couldn't make. With infinite range, Quinlan often turned the tables on defenders if they didn't respect his speed, exploiting matchups downfield for his team-leading 42 goals. His 19 points (10 goals, 9 assists) against Ottawa this season established a single-game record.

Matt Jackson — Dallas Roughnecks
A defensive utility workhorse, Jackson can plug-and-play almost anywhere on the field. He's a straightjacket of a handler defender with his boundless energy and agility, but is equally effective in using his quickness off of turns to get open as a distributor with the disc. He's the first player down the field after every pull, and simply outworks a majority of his matchups.

Jeff Loskorn — Austin Sol
The consummate field general, when Loskorn was on the line the Sol displayed an elevated level of confidence in their play. His workload was massive, often taking assignments as a top defender while also averaging 43 completions per game as a thrower for the expansion Austin team.

Matt Smith — Atlanta Hustle
Known as a pure goal scorer entering 2016, Smith showed off a variety of new throws—upping his assist numbers from 17 in 2015 to 27 this season—that allowed him to be an even more valuable asset and productive member in the Hustle offense. Heralded for his blistering pace of play, where Smith really excels is in the margins; he has one of the highest field IQs in his division, if not the league as a whole.