Sign Up for the Hustle Goaltimate Tournament

1 Day Coed (2:2) Goaltimate Tournament 

Date: Sunday Novemeber 28th

Time: Play starts at 10am.

Location: Boulevard Crossing, Atlanta GA.

Format: 2:2 Gender ratio: Each team must have 2 men and 2 women on the field at all times. Teams will play 30 minutes games with 15 minute timed halves and a 5 minute halftime. There will be a short championship playoff. Youth and Adult divisions as demand allow. Roster min is 8 and max is 10.

Health Requirements: At player check in you will need to provide proof of vaccination to play without a mask. All other players will be required to wear a mask while playing and on the sideline. Players who violate mask rules will be removed from play.

Ages: 16+

Tournament director: Zaki Dury & John Boezi email: 


  • All players will receive a free pair of purple and black "ATL" branded socks.
  • The players on the championship team in each division will receive season tickets for the 2022 Hustle season

Registration is open

$300 Team fee. Captains will reserve a spot in the tournament for their team. We are targeting 10 teams. Roster min is 8 and max is 10

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$5 Player fee (non-refundable). Each player must purchase a player fee, enter their contact email and sign a waiver. 

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$5 Free agent fee (refundable). You can register as a free agent. If we can form a team from free agents we will or connect you with captains who need players. If you cannot be placed you will be refunded your fee.

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Refund policies

Team bids: 100% refund for 48 hours after purchase. 50% refund up until Nov 21st. No refunds after Nov 21st

Team member: Non-refundable

Free agent fees: Refundable until Nov 24th.

Wait, What is Goaltimate?

It is a fun, fast paced disc sport similar to half court basketball that is popular with ultimate players during the winter. Learn more here.