Growlers Roll Over Spiders

June 18, 2021 --- Coming off a loss to LA the previous week, the San Diego Growlers were motivated and hungry to take on the San Jose Spiders on a windy night in Oakland, CA. 

San Diego’s defense sprinted out of the gates by taking advantage of San Jose’s miscues and attacking the end zone for four consecutive break points.  The Spiders were reeling but regained a little confidence with a hold on offense and a break to cut the deficit in half, 4-2.  After a Growlers hold and Dom Leggio’s interception, a timeout was called, and Travis Dunn eventually found Jesse Cohen for the 6-2 lead after a very long point.  The teams traded before San Diego’s buzzer beater attempt was blocked, 7-4.

Nate Pettyjohn assisted to Dunn to start the second quarter, and after holds from each team, the Growlers broke when Max Hume connected with Reggie Sung, 10-5.  After a Jordan Queckboerner hand bock, Khalif El-Salaam threw to Scott Radlauer for another break. After a couple more holds and a Growlers break, the Spiders hopes were lifted with a goal at the buzzer, but they still found themselves down 14-8.

In the second half, the wind died down a bit, and both offenses hit their stride.  The Spiders needed breaks but were unable to stop open cuts from Jonathan Helton and Travis Dunn and their assists to Lior Givol, Nate Pettyjohn, and Jesse Cohen. San Diego and San Jose earned 4 holds apiece in the third quarter and 5 holds in the fourth quarter for a Growlers victory, 23-17!

Nate Pettyjohn registered a +7 performance with 3 assists, 3 goals, and 2 blocks, while Travis Dunn (5 assists, 2 goals) and Jesse Cohen (6 goals) had +6 and +5 performances respectively.