Growlers Summit Cascades

April 29, 2019

The San Diego Growlers hosted the Seattle Cascades under the Friday night lights with their sights on remaining undefeated on the season. San Diego started the game on defense with some good pressure including huge layout blocks from Sam Fontaine and Steven Milardovich, but could not take advantage of several chances. The teams traded offensive points until the Cascades secured the first break point of the game with a nice diving catch to go ahead 4-2. The teams traded a few more times, until Tim Okita found Dom Leggio seconds before the first quarter expired, with the Growlers down 6-5.

The Growlers yielded a break score to begin the second quarter and were fortunate to hold on their next possession. After both teams traded on offense, Max Hume’s dump defense contributed to a drop, and Trevor Purdy caught the easy goal for the Growlers first break to tie the game at 8-8. The Cascades punched back with an offensive score and break to take the lead back,10-8. Not to be outdone, San Diego held on offense with Travis Dunn collecting the deep score, and the defense stepped up to break twice with a minute remaining. Seattle finished off the half with some magic of their own on a layout catch to even the score at 11 all, despite Fontaine’s deflection.

Seattle kicked off the offensive trading in the third quarter, but at 13s, Will Turner gave the Growlers a break opportunity with a huge sky and swat of the disc. Similar to the first quarter though, San Diego could not convert and the trading continued. Ryo Senda and Michael Tran were solid on offense, but the Cascades also kept scoring. San Diego could not punch in their last possession of the quarter after a couple of turnovers, and Seattle led 16-15.

In the fourth, Wes Groth threw his patented flick down the sideline to a diving Okita to tie the game, and Milardovich intercepted on defense and Coach Stuart called timeout shortly thereafter. The offensive line was subbed in and Dunn flicked to Jonathan Helton for the break score to go up one, 17-16. On the next point, Turner’s massive layout block prevented a sure Cascades goal, and after another timeout, Dunn found Helton for the break again, 18-16. The Cascades scored two in a row despite a big Scott Radlauer layout block, but on the next point Leggio sealed off his defender for the go-ahead goal, 19-18. Seattle turned it over on the ensuing possession and Growlers iced the game with 5 seconds left for a final score of 20-18.

The Growlers were led by Travis Dunn, with five assists, three goals, and two defensive blocks, and Tim Okita, with three assists and three goals. San Diego is in first place in the AUDL West Division with a 4-0 record and will attempt to summit the Cascades again on Saturday, May 4 in Seattle. A replay of this game is available, along with all the league games, on AUDL.TV.