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Boston Glory is a semi-professional Ultimate (Frisbee) team playing in the 25-team American Ultimate Disc League. 2022 will mark the team’s second season. Glory has a number of open positions which are described below:

Director of Partnerships

Glory is very anxious to secure sponsorships from local businesses and other entities. The Director of Partnerships will supervise this effort by both encouraging everybody associated with the team to solicit sponsorships, and by chasing such sponsorships him/herself. The ideal candidate for this job will have the ability to create partnerships are appealing and fun for sponsors and fans alike. Glory is able to provide materials (i.e. slide decks) to advance this effort, and is willing to be very flexible about meeting sponsor requests. This is a paid position with compensation tied to success. 

Director of Concessions and Fan Engagement 

This person will solicit food and beverage operators for home games and coordinate gameday activities designed to increase fan engagement. 

Director of Group Sales

This job involves identifying and contacting schools, club teams, companies and other organizations that would be interested in attending games as a group, and constructing packages of incentives (merchandise, on-field experiences, food and drink, player access, etc.) to make such group experiences appealing. This is a paid position with compensation tied to success. 

Health and Safety Coordinator

The Health and Safety coordinator works with players, team management, trainers and Glory’s team physician to coordinate Covid compliance, treatment and injury reporting.

Analytics Logging

This job entails watching video of previously played ultimate games and entering touch-by-touch information into a proprietary database. Glory hopes to employ this database to gain a competitive advantage through never-before-performed analyses of the game of ultimate. This job requires a good knowledge of ultimate and a patient and detail-oriented nature. This is a paid position with loggers receiving $50 per quarter of a game recorded. 

Gameday Statistician

Gameday statisticians track action on the field in real-time using an iPad and AUDL-developed software. This job requires attention to detail and an ability to perform under pressure. Gameday statisticians travel with Glory on road trips (all expenses paid) and receive a modest stipend. 


The timekeeper operates the stadium clock at home games in conjunction with the refereeing crew. Previous experience is helpful but not required. 


The DJ plays appropriate music, including “walkup” music for individual players following good plays through the Hormel Stadium PA system at home games. 


The team photographer is responsible for capturing the action at home games, along with taking headshots of players for publicity purposes. 

Analytics Interpretation

Glory possesses what is almost certainly the most detailed collection of in-game Ultimate data ever assembled.  The team is hoping to use this data to determine the efficacy of various strategies and to ascertain the value contributed by individual players.  The ideal candidate to help us do this will have a curious nature, familiarity with Ultimate, facility with statistics and data manipulation (specifically including excel/google sheets), and an enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of sports knowledge.  One very important aspect of this job is that confidentiality is essential.  We’d like to keep any secrets we discover secret for as long as possible. 

The tawdry business of money:  In its fondest dreams, Glory aspires to be a non-profit (i.e. breakeven) enterprise.  It is very far indeed from accomplishing this objective, and money is tight.  Unless otherwise noted, the jobs described above provide for minimal compensation. 

Persons interested in any of these positions should email