Help Support Acacias Ultimate!

Meet Mauricio.

Mauricio is 30 years old and lives in Venezuela. Like many of you, Mauricio loves the sport of ultimate. Mauricio found ultimate while visiting Minnesota as a foreign exchange student at Cathedral High School. Mauricio’s path to ultimate is unique. It happened to be the only sport at the school that didn’t require him to have health insurance to participate, but like many of us, he quickly fell in love.

In fact, he liked ultimate so much so that when Mauricio moved back home to Venezuela, he started his own team- Acacias Ultimate.

Unfortunately for Mauricio and many other people in Venezuela, times are incredibly hard. It’s often difficult for many people in his area to afford their most basic necessities. On top of that, Acacias Ultimate travels to a couple tournaments a year and practices regularly as an outlet to keep their mind off of the daily hardships they face, and simply to enjoy life. Because funds have been difficult to attain, they lack the equipment they need to continue to do what they enjoy. Believe it or not, they currently practice with just two beat up discs. Because of this, the Wind Chill has offered to assist by providing them some of the materials and equipment they need for practice and tournaments, so they can focus their attention to their own personal needs.

We’d be happy to accept any new or gently used ultimate gear you may have laying around the house that you’d be willing to donate, as would Acacias Ultimate. We’ll be collecting those materials at the combine this evening, and will ship them to Mauricio shortly after.

Thank you for helping us give back to the ultimate community- especially those with connections to Minnesota.