Dr. Tom Bomberg Returns as Chiropractor

The Wind Chill have reached an agreement to bring back Bomberg Chiropractic for the third straight season as the official Chiropractor of the Minnesota Wind Chill.  ​​

"Tom is not only incredible at what he does in his chiropractic practice, but he is also a tremendous person and is highly respected within the Ultimate community,” said Minnesota Owner and GM Ben Feldman. “He has shown support for our organization through the good and the bad, and he continues to be a huge advocate for our team and invaluable resource for our players."

Owner and chiropractic physician Dr. Tom Bomberg and his clinic are no stranger to the sport of ultimate, the effects it has on players’ bodies, and what it takes to maintain health and wellness within the sport. Dr. Bomberg himself has enjoyed a successful playing career and has worked with ultimate players of all levels.

“Ultimate is a physically demanding sport.  The high-impact associated with the game (diving, stop-and-go style running and contact with players) can put a significant strain on your body," said Bomberg.

Dr. Tom Bomberg has played Ultimate for over 12 years, competing in and winning both a Club National Championship and a World Championship with Drag’N Thrust. He specializes in sports injuries and enjoys
helping the Ultimate community, and worked with more than 75 local Ultimate players this past year.  His extensive training in both soft-tissue problems along with his abilities to assess the body are great skills
to have in the community. ​​

"With the fast-pace of the sport, adjustments and soft-tissue work after competition is huge for recovery and keeping players on the field performing their best," he added. ​​

To see Dr. Bomberg and his staff, or to get more information about the clinic and its services, visit www.bombergchiropractic.com. His office is located just north of Medicine Lake Rd on Winnetka Ave in Minneapolis. 
You can contact Dr. Bomberg directly at 763.450.1755 or drb@bombergchiropractic.com 

Dr. Bomberg will be in attendance at the annual Wind Chill combine on Saturday to introduce himself to the players participating.