Daigle Announces Retirement

Felix hesitated a long time before announcing that he would not be training in 2018. He has been part of the Royal family since the very beginning of the adventure. Despite his relatively young age, he is a seasoned veteran and has gone through more than one storm.

Before you talk about the kind of player he is, you must know that he is appreciated by all and that the social aspect of Ultimate is an important part of his dedication to this sport. If you ask him what will be the rest of the evening, he will respond enthusiastically: " Let's go with de flow!  Always ready to follow and, more often than not, to initiate the festive tide on the horizon. He has a contagious, audible laugh that can only drag you with him.

Felix is ​​an impressive player who can make a difference on his own or almost (I say "almost" because Ultimate is a team sport and you can not do it all alone). You know, the player who, on a "universe" point, takes the spectacular plunge, the unthinkable break, the fast and sneaky defense or the line-up, cutting the defense in two. This intensity, he wears as a uniform, it is always present on him, around him and he is certainly not afraid of sacrifice for the sake of the team.

Felix retires from AUDL but not from competitive Ultimate. He does not know what he's going to do for the next season but he told us this: "  If I was two years older, the decision would be very easy, no doubt in my mind  " (referring to the NSOM master team).

I had the chance to play with Felix almost all my career (Mephisto, Odyssey, Mockingbird, Montreal Old Stars, Denoiret) and it continues now with Ninjax, on the circuit 4 against 4 of the FQU. He certainly helped to make me a better player. We had a lot of beautiful adventures and I always liked Félix as a teammate but, above all, as a friend. I wish him every success in his career and I can not wait to see him again in the field.

On behalf of the Royal, a big thank you for your involvement and dedication!

Christian Mathieu


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