Confirmed 2018 Royal Players

The Royal is currently in its selection camp process. We had our rookie camp last October but the month of January is very busy for athletes aspiring to a job with the Royal. Selections are split into three sessions on January 5th, January 12th and January 26th. Each side is actually a match (scrimmage) with referee to simulate a real game (AUDL format). The candidates were split into four teams, two teams clashed on January 5 and the other two on January 12. Following these two games, cuts will be made and the last contenders will compete in a decisive game on January 26th. It all takes place at Collège Saint-Jean-Vianney from 10:30 pm in the evening. Note that this process is also used to select the succession of the Royal, the future stars!

The Royal's management team and coaches have confirmed twelve (12) players for the 2018 season. This exercise allows the Royal to have a strong core so that a chemistry can settle gradually. It also helps build a team identity early in the season and, in addition, these players will be responsible for motivating the troops.

Without further ado, here are the players in question:

Kevin Quinlan
Gabriel Monfette
Mike Voelpel
Stève Bonneau
Antoine Genest
Quentin Bonnaud
Malik Auger-Semmar
André Arsenault
Kevin Groulx
Miguel Goderre
Nasser Mbae Vogel
Esteban Ceballos

To complete the line-up, we have great surprises and outstanding athletes. Get your season tickets so you do not miss anything!