2018 South Division Breakdown: Part 2

With the Hustle roster ready to break this week let’s finish our look around the division to see how teams are shaping up. Bring on your bold predictions and hot takes to our comments!

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2017 Standings (incl. playoffs)

·         Raleigh Flyers 13-2

·         Dallas Roughnecks 13-4

·         Tampa Bay Cannons 10-5

·         Atlanta Hustle 5-9

·         Austin Sol 4-10

·         Nashville NightWatch 0-14


Jacksonville... Orlando.... Tampa Bay Cannons

Who’s back?

Who’s not?

Who is new?

  • Coach Andrew Roca UCF
  • Jack Barrow
  • Marquis Chapman

Question mark?



How do you adapt your offense after losing Mischa Freystaetter? He has been the center piece of their team for years. His presence on the field influenced how all 7 players played defense.

Strong on handlers, who will score goals for the Cannons outside of Huston?

How do the Cannons handle losing 6 of their top 12 players by Plus-Minus?

How big of an impact did coach Benson play in managing the Cannon's personalities? What impact will coach Roca have at the helm?

Will Vickroy (and fan club) really jump ship to Tampa Bay? That's a lot of miles this summer. Or will he sit out the season to focus on his final GCSU DIII national championship run? What will happen when he plays against Josh Bush? Will they still throw to each other????



Throwing shade on the NightWatch.  Are they living in the shadow of the NightShade?

All ultimate talk in Nashville has centered around the great work of new owner David Trett and others to create the leading pro women's team, Nashville NightShade. Their efforts have precipitated new teams in cities across the country. An independent Atlanta team called the Atlanta Soul is emerging as well. 


Who’s back?

Who is new?

Who's gone?


Stay tuned for #HustleTwenty18...