Flyers Look To Close The First Half Of Their Season 6-1

Riding a five game winning streak, the Raleigh Flyers have a lot confidence to carry into their third meeting with Atlanta. The first matchup between these teams saw the Flyers rally from an early deficit to top the Hustle 24-21. Two weeks later, the Flyers returned and shut the door on the Hustle in a dominant fashion 21-15. The Flyers have had outstanding performances all season long from their entire roster, and especially their new players on the offensive line. Rookie Henry Fisher has had an outstanding run so far in his rookie season, leading the Flyers and coming in third in the league with 22 goals. His former Carleton College teammate Eric Taylor has helped set up a lot of those goals, as his 275 completed passes is a whopping 40 more than any other player in the league. Fisher and Taylor will be reprising in their roles as two of the primary cogs in Raleigh's offense.

Meanwhile on the veteran side of the roster, Noah Saul has put up in impressive 219 completions helping fill in the hole left by Jon Nethercutt on away games. The Flyers have had huge contributions out of Jacob Fairfax who has also helped fill in the role left open by Jack Williams downfield. The Flyers game against Austin for their home opener also showed how much their depth has taken some of the throwing load off of Nethercutt’s shoulders as the veteran handler was crossed over to defense. One notable addition to the Flyers roster the weekend is Bobby Ley. The former Jacksonville and Tampa Bay Cannon has a long and impressive record in the league as a quick handler who can use the space on the field to get open and air out some impressive throws. Ley will have plenty of opportunities to show off his skills against Atlanta’s zone and he’ll have a wealth of downfield targets to choose from. Ley adds even more depth to an already deep Flyers backfield. The re-distribution of the throwing away from Nethercutt has been a big goal for the Flyers this season and so far those efforts appear to be paying off.

On the other sideline, Atlanta Atlanta's early season stuggles have moved them far out of playoff contention within the league’s new format. With only two wins to their name so far, the Hustle have to figure out how to be consistent down the full stretch of four quarters. Their defense stifled the Flyers in their first meeting but Raleigh has had plenty of time to figure out how beat Atlanta’s zone and while the Hustle still possess plenty of height and speed, they’ve been very lacking in consistency from their backfield. One potential answer to Atlanta’s backfield problems is the addition of Jacques Perivier alongside their handler core this weekend. The young handler has been growing into that primary role for Atlanta the past few seasons and has a wealth of experience acting as the centerpiece of a college offense the last couple of years. Kelvin Williams and Matt Smith have been big downfield contributors on defense and offense respectively and will be exciting players to watch from the Hustle. Matt Smith has typically drawn strong defensive matchups from the Flyers and it will be exciting to see who takes on that assignment for Raleigh.

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