The Carleton Crew

Eric Taylor, Henry Fisher, and Sol Yanuck will be joining the Flyers for their first season in the AUDL this year. Of all the new players on the Flyers’ roster this season this is one group you should keep an eye on. Fisher and Yanuck have competed together since high school, and throughout the last four years consistently competed together with Carleton College in Minnesota. Eric Taylor on the other hand was an Ohio high school ultimate product who also joined with the North Carolina duo in college.

Together they won a College Championship in 2017 and appeared in two semi finals with Raleigh Ring of Fire in 2017 and 2018. With a wide open field, Henry Fisher will have ample opportunities to shine in his traditional role as a tall receiver. Along with Mischa Freystaetter he adds another big frame to the Flyers roster and will create some interesting options freeing up other receivers like Jacob Fairfax. Taylor and Yanuck played mostly defense in college with Taylor taking on tough downfield matchups and Yanuck opting to usually mark up on throwers. Yanuck and Taylor have acted at times as the point of attack on a turn and Taylor in particular has a large arsenal of throws and impressive pulls that could prime him to either continue his role as a defender or potentially cross over to offense depending on the needs of the team. 

The trio of former college teammates help fill the gaps left open by the departures of players like Goose Helton, Bob Liu, and Brett Matzuka. It will be interesting to see what kinds of assignments this trio receives and what they can achieve on a bigger field. The added firepower to Raleigh’s D line offense in particular could prove to be a significant boost for a team that had some struggles getting the disc moving downfield after a turn early last season. Henry and Eric sat down to talk about their experiences playing together and what lies ahead for the Carleton Crew. Head on over to and subscribe to the Flyers channel for this and more exclusive content from the Raleigh Flyers this season.