About the Raleigh Flayers

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The Raleigh Flyers are North Carolina’s Professional Ultimate Frisbee team competing in the American Ultimate Disc League. Entering into 2019, the Flyers aim to capture the AUDL title and bring a professional championship to Raleigh. Our regular season runs April through July with Championship Weekend in August. 

Mission & Values


The Raleigh Flyers aim to grow, promote and strengthen the sport of Ultimate in the Triangle. Through athletic excellence, sportsmanship and social education, the Raleigh Flyers will introduce and sustainably connect Ultimate to communities of all ages, races and genders in the Triangle area.

Strategic Priorities

  • Increase the visibility of one of North America’s fastest growing sports by creating fun, family friendly, events that showcase the sport being played at its highest level.
  • Teach the value of integrity that is inherent in fair play, represent the values of sportsmanship and character development that embody our sport, and promote these values both within the AUDL and throughout our local community.
  • Support the growth of youth Ultimate by producing role models dedicated to education and outreach, and work with the local sports community to establish and support programs that accomplish these goals.
  • Increase opportunities for participation by all ages, races and gender. We believe Ultimate has incredible opportunity to empower under-represented minorities and teach positive lessons in an inexpensive format. We recognize that while currently the AUDL only focuses on men’s Ultimate, it is our responsibility to advocate and provide every chance for the growth of the women’s game.


  • The Flyers are the Triangle’s team and we play North Carolina Ultimate.  We encourage tough, physical defense and our offense is founded on principles of hard work and sacrifice.  The Flyers stand on the shoulders of the dozens of North Carolina college and club teams that have shared this style of intense play for over two decades.
  • We believe that we are more than just a team. We are part of a community of Ultimate players and fans, and we represent that community whenever we take the field. We honor the immeasurable time and energy this community has dedicated to the sport and we will use our standing as a professional sports team to assist this community as it continues to impact the sport.
  • We will actively fuel building the sport in all directions: to rich, to poor, to boys, to girls, and to all races. We believe there is a place in the Ultimate community for every individual, and we will stimulate development of the community with as much passion as we put toward the sport itself.
  • The Flyers play Ultimate with deep respect for the sport’s fundamental values.  We believe that players are an integral component of dispute resolution, and that a system of governance must include some participation and effort by the players themselves, whether amateur or professional.  We believe that with focused time and energy the philosophies of professional Ultimate and the philosophies of Ultimate’s founders will find themselves aligned.