Signing Spotlight: Marcelo Sanchez

Please provide a brief summary of your history with the AUDL. Which teams have you played on and for how long?

I played for the San Jose Spiders during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. I will always be grateful to Andrew Zill and the San Jose fans for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to play and improve on and off the field. In 2016 I joined the Flamethrowers and have been flaming on ever since. 


What originally made you want to join the league?

Initially I was hesitant about joining the league since at the time, I was working on getting my Master's in Counseling from Saint Mary's College of California. However, with encouragement from some of the more established players, like Ashlin, who is also working on getting a post baccalaureate degree, I knew I would be able to manage my time accordingly. The main draw for me to join the league was that I wanted to build chemistry with some of my Revolver teammates. Now that I am a veteran in the league I have the opportunity to give back and encourage some of the young players I coach at Las Positas College and various other clinics to try out for the experience, play within themselves, and not be afraid of making mistakes. 

What makes you keep coming back season after season?

I keep coming back to play in the AUDL because it is fun to compete, get to know various teammates on and off the field, and help ultimate grow.


What is your favorite memory from last season's playoffs / championship run?

Some of my favorite memories from last seasons included: getting to play in Seattle on my birthday 7/22 and clinch the division, seeing some of my teammates make amazing play after play in the playoffs like Eli's block and immediate assist in the final, and coming across a fashion show in downtown Montreal with some of my teammates.

What are your expectations for the team with respect to this upcoming season?

I always have high expectations for the team and am hungry for more but this year particularly excites me due to the uncertainty of who else will resign and make the team through tryouts. Even though we will have a target on our back, I'm looking forward to bringing the best out of my teammates and opponents.


Do you have any individual goals for this year?

My goal for this season is to be as explosive as Antoine, I am sure he will continue to inspire and and help me get up there.

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Player Bio:

Marcelo began playing ultimate in grade school but came into his own while competing with the Las Positas College Hawks in 2010 and 2011. When he transferred to UC Davis he continued improving at a remarkable pace and pushed his team twelve spots up the college rankings in just one year! The UC Davis Dogs finished in fifth at college nationals in 2013 after a 17th-place finish the year before. After he graduated, he made the rosters of both San Francisco Revolver and the San Jose Spiders. It is no coincidence that both teams won championships that season. He has now won two AUDL Championships with the Spiders and a third with the FlameThrowers, and he has been awarded the Steel Spirit Award for three straight years due to his perfect attendance record.