Signing Spotlight: Jacob Greenberg

The FlameThrowers continue their Q&A series with a feature on their first international player, Jacob Greenberg. A staple of the Swedish National Team for the last six years, he is an ultimate veteran and will bring a new style of play to this season’s roster. Get to know this breakout star before he hits the field on April 7 for the season opener!

Where are you from originally? Where do you live now?

I'm from Sweden and arrived to the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking to find an apartment in either San Francisco or Oakland.


What did you study at university and what do you do now?

I have a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a MSc in Robotics from KTH in Stockholm. I'm currently working as a front end developer and I just landed a couple of job offers here in San Francisco.


How did you first discover ultimate? Did you play any other sports?

I first got in contact with ultimate in 2007, when the Swedish frisbee federation made a drive where I lived to go out to local schools. But it wasn't until 2010 when I moved to Stockholm that I started to play on a more consistent basis. I also played a lot of soccer and floorball (big sport in Sweden, but not very known in the US – sort of like indoor hockey).


Please provide a brief history of your ultimate career.

I have played with Viksjöfors since I left my junior years behind, competing with them at both WUCC and EUCF. I've won five Swedish National titles with them. I have also played some with OTSO (Finland) a couple of times. And indoor I've played a lot with GRID, playing a lot of local tournaments in Sweden and the Baltics. I've been a member of the Swedish National Team for the last 6 years, with a 4th place at WUGC in Sakai, Japan as my best result though still bittersweet being so close to a medal. We got 6th place at WCBU in Dubai.


What influenced your decision to join the FlameThrowers?

So my move to the Bay Area was all initiated by me wanting to get the opportunity to play ultimate on a more frequent and consistently high level. Which is easier here due to the scene being much bigger than in Sweden. I went to the tryout and got a really good feel for the coaching staff as well as the players.


How does it feel to be a professional athlete?

To be honest I don't really know yet. Not sure it has sunken in yet. But I'm very excited to get the season started and see where it brings us.


Do you have any personal goals for this season?

I want to show and bring my skills competing for every inch on the field. Being a big part of the team. Getting to know everyone on and off the field. And with regards to results I'm a huge competitor, going into everything to win it. So I hope to be a big contributor to the Flamethrowers trying to repeat last season’s success.


Will you be playing with any other teams this spring / summer? If so, which teams?

I'm going to try out for some of the local club teams in the area, and hopefully be able to join one of them. I am currently also planning to join OTSO playing at WUCC in Cincinnati this summer.


What's your favorite throw?

Easy (maybe because of all indoor play), the almighty hammer.


Can you tell us a personal highlight from last year?

Being able to come back from my knee injury in a fast manner and together with quite a young group of guys being able to exceed everyone else’s expectations at WCBU in Royan last summer. Having a great team spirit and loads of fun along the way.