Signing Spotlight: Antoine Davis

Please provide a brief summary of your history with pro ultimate. Which teams have you played on and for how long?

My first time on the pro field was in 2015. I got a called from the DC Breeze, mid-season, saying they needed a big man and was seeing if I was interested in playing. This was my first time playing elite men's ultimate and it definitely inspired me to train harder because there were plenty of people on that field better than me. I finished the rest of the season with the DC Breeze. In 2016, I played with the DC Current for the full season, which was another learning experience because I was used my team’s strategy "when in doubt, throw it up to Antoine." The coach and team were more about developing the team than getting wins that year. It was a struggle but glad I went through it because it made me a better player. Then in 2017, I signed with the FlameThrowers.

What originally made you want to join the FlameThrowers?

My decision last season to join the Flamethrowers was to be on the team who had National team level players. If I want to join their ranks, I have to be around these people and see what they do and try to mirror them. 


What brought you back for this season?

For this season, their big pull was the Flamethrower's overall mission for Ultimate as a whole. From my point of view, I think they are leading the charge in the AUDL in creating an environment where anyone and everyone can play. I have learned to surround myself with people who want to have a positive impact on the world and not just their pockets.


What is your favorite memory from last season's playoffs / championship run?

Seeing how happy my captain Lucas was to finally hold up that trophy. He is one of the most hardworking and inspiring human I know. His presence makes everyone want to grind and stay positive even when we get hit in the mouth. 

What are your expectations for the team with respect to this upcoming season?

As DJ Khalid would say, "another one." 


Do you have any individual goals for this year?

To be even more consistent. There were many times where the pressure got to me and I shied away and let me teammates handle it. It looks like this season, I will have to play a bigger role so I have to be more consistent. Consistency is to be confident in my abilities each and every game. 


How has it been going developing your own training business? 

Great! I have almost tripled my client basis and increased my knowledge about sports performance and health. The fun part about helping all these people is that they come with their own fitness / health challenges, which in turn increases my knowledge about my chosen field. The biggest rewards I have been getting is hearing people reaching their goals and wanting a new challenge!


What type of services do you currently offer?

Currently, I offer online personal training services. I play as an adviser to your training / fitness program. We have weekly check-ins to talk about the previous week's workouts and the upcoming week's workouts. I give my clients workouts based on the time they have available for the week and their goals. In addition, I take a look at their nutrition and see if we can make small changes to make their diets healthier while still make eating enjoyable! Lastly, they can text me whenever if they have any health / fitness related questions.


What do you think is the most common training error ultimate players make?

The most common error I have seen is people thinking that simple doing any workout will improve their ultimate game... Marathoner's don't train like football players. If you want to train for ultimate, you have to use workouts and programs that are created for ultimate.


What's your favorite functional exercise movement to do?

My favorite exercise is the single leg squat. I can barely do it but I have been training to do them for 2 years now. I really had to put in time in improving my mobility to get to this point. 


Got a discount to offer FlameThrowers fans if they'd like to train with you? 

If you inquire about my business within the next month, just say the FlameThrowers sent you and I will give you 20% off!!


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Player Bio:

Antoine Davis competed with Virginia Tech Burn for all four years of college and began his club career with Ambiguous Grey in 2014. He stayed with that team until 2016, when he moved to San Francisco and became a breakout star in the Bay Area. His professional career began with the DC Breeze and he also spent a season with the DC Current. A singularly motivated individual, he has a checklist of life goals with corresponding time estimates ranging from “universe line on Revolver at natties – 2019” to “USA Top 7 – 2021.” He recently checked off three of those goals with his 2017 championship wins on Revolver and the FlameThrowers as well as his first SportsCenter Top 10 appearance. Antoine runs a successful coaching business called AD Sports Performance – read more about it here!