Athlete Spotlight: Audrey Lyman

Audrey Lyman returns for her second year on a FlameThrowers roster after a stellar performance at the 2017 Cascades Cup! She has also competed for Colby College (2011-2014), UCSC Sol (2015-2016), Donuts (2016), and Nightlock (2017). Read on to find out more about this Bay Area star!

Where are you from originally?

Traverse City, MI

What did you study in school? What's your job now?

I studied biology / bioinformatics in college / grad school and now work for a genome assembly company.

How did you first discover ultimate? Did you play any other sports?

I threw frisbees and played ultimate a bit growing up, but I didn't start taking it seriously (aka learn flicks) until my sophomore year of college when I joined my college's team because a lot of my friends were already on it. My main sport growing up was soccer, and then I switched to tennis in high school. I had short stints with a variety of other sports throughout the years, including track, cross country, and hockey. I'm also (still) super into snowboarding and table tennis!

What influenced your decision to try out for the FlameThrowers?

I tried out for the Cascades Cup team last year, mostly for fun / the experience, and had a great time. I really want to see women's / mixed pro happen more legitimately so that future generations of ultimate players can all have the same opportunities. I believe that in order for new women's/mixed pro leagues to exist - and be taken seriously - women have to show up to play, and, ideally, get involved in making it happen. Change comes from within.

How does it feel to be a professional athlete?

It was never something I expected to happen, so weird for sure, but definitely cool!

Do you have any personal goals for this season?

Improve my on-field communication, adopt a dog

Will you be playing with any other teams this spring / summer? If so, which teams?


What would you like to tell fans attending your upcoming games?

Thank you for proving people do want to watch women play!

What's your favorite throw?

Probably either hammer or high-release flick

Can you tell us a personal highlight from last year?

Lay out D on the end zone line in the game to go to Nationals with Nightlock :)

What's something you'd like your future teammates to know about you?

I beat Kobe at cup stacking

What is your current pregame pump up song?

Love on Top – Beyonce