2018 Breeze Equity Statement

April 6, 2018


A Foreword from Don Grage, managing partner of the DC Breeze:

The Breeze organization has a deep passion for the potential of the sport of Ultimate, not only for its inherent athleticism and spirit, but also for what this sport can do to advance equity and other important social agendas in our society. We have more questions than answers at the moment, but we are committed to working with the community to advance the many avenues of equity. And it’s time to start right now. We are excited to publicly launch the organization’s first statement on equity.

Breeze Public Statement on Equity:

In early 2018, members of both the DC Breeze and the community began meeting regularly to determine the priorities and goals for the 2018 season and beyond. Today, the Breeze is proud to share its preliminary equity plans and looks forward to accomplishing the goals outlined in the mission statement.

Mission Statement

The DC Breeze is dedicated to establishing new pathways to foster and promote equity within the organization and for the wider community through a proactive commitment of resources, promotion, and access. The DC Breeze seeks to grow and build partnerships to support ongoing efforts that emphasize a collective, inclusive vision for equity.



Preliminary Action Plan

During the 2018 season, the Breeze will focus on the following:

  • Listen And Learn: The Breeze recognizes that lack of action to this point was a choice, and it was the wrong one. By listening carefully to the feedback and expertise within the DC community, the Breeze seek to redress the culture of the organization to develop stronger male allies. The committee will host equity trainings for Breeze players/staff as well as open forums with different groups of stakeholders, including college, club, youth, and league players.

  • Expand the field: It is the Breeze’s plan to contribute to a more inclusive vision of professional ultimate. This year, the Breeze will pilot sponsored professional playing opportunities for women in collaboration with DC club teams and other AUDL teams, and intends to explore an expanded league structure for 2019.

  • Support ongoing community efforts: Lastly, the Breeze will use its platform to actively support current initiatives that align with the committee’s mission statement such as the Eurostars tour, the American Equity Invite, American Ultimate Academy, youth clinics, and WAFC efforts.


These are just initial steps. In order to sustain progress and achieve the long-term agenda, the Breeze acknowledges the need to elevate diverse expertise and voices. The committee anticipates much more work to be done over the next few years, and therefore hopes to lay the groundwork for future equity staff within the Breeze structure.

Help hold us accountable! Want to learn more or contact the committee? You can reach us at equity@thedcbreeze.com or on Twitter @breezeequity.

The equity committee is made up of Ryan Anderson, Becca Arbacher, Jillian “Bowzer” Du, Delrico Johnson, Matt Kerrigan, Aaron Langley, Genevieve Leo, Sarah Lord, Kelly Ross, Darryl Stanley, and Marcus Thaw.