Xavier Charles Joins Aviators Ownership Group

The Los Angeles Aviators have announced that Xavier Charles has joined the ownership group.

Xavier Charles has been a stunt driver and an actor since 2018. Prior to working in the entertainment industry, Xavier worked in the United States Air Force as a Weather Forecaster. While in the Air Force, Xavier played ultimate as a part of his physical training. Since then, he competed at Beach Nationals, in the AUDL with the Aviators, and will be competing at this year's Masters Worlds in Ireland. Xavier is committed to advocating for more diversity in the sport and he believes ultimate has a very bright future.  

“I am grateful for the opportunity to join the Aviator organization. Ultimate is an amazing sport but needs to see a growth in diversity at all levels and I am committed to seeing this through. There are a lot of neighborhoods in L.A. that don’t know that the sport of ultimate exists and I intend to change that. The Aviators have the luxury of calling Los Angeles their hometown and I see endless possibilities for marketing and growing the AUDL's overall fan base. There are a lot of challenges that lie ahead on this journey but I am excited and looking forward to it”

If you would like to reach Xavier to discuss working together to grow ultimate in the Los Angeles area please email info@laaviators.com