The New York Empire have made a series of high profile additions through free agency. Are they enough to win New York their first AUDL title?

December 18, 2018
By Evan Lepler

Perhaps it came and went subtly without your knowledge. It is, after all, typically a hectic time of year. But it’s worth mentioning...

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Beginning in 2018, the AUDL and EuroStars will partner up to provide a three-year commitment in growing the visibility and opportunities for women in ultimate. AUDL teams will host 8 games of the Americus Pro Cup.

The AUDL Power Rankings are back! And probably much sooner than you expected. There have been six franchises to win a title in the seven years of the league's existence. and 2019 is shaping up to...

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Today the American Ultimate Disc League announced a two-year deal with Stadium to bring live ultimate games across all of Stadium's digital and televised platforms. This will include 21 games in the 2018 season.


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