Pittsburgh Thunderbirds Release 2017 Roster

March 9, 2017

The Pittsburgh Thunderbirds have announced their roster for the 2017 season. The team finished second in the Midwest Division last season with a 10-4 record during the regular season, beating the Minnesota Wind Chill 20-18 in the opening round of the playoffs before being eliminated by the Madison Radicals in the divisional final.

Last year, the Thunderbirds had 43 different players take the field. This season, the front office is focusing on drastically reducing that number to cultivate chemistry and foster stronger team unity.

The team returns over a dozen veterans, including 2016 All-AUDL Defense Team member Anson Reppermund, Max Sheppard, Mark Fedorenko, Ethan Beardsley, as well as the return of MVP hopeful Tyler Degirolamo, who is coming back from a season-ending injury that saw him miss the entire 2016 season.

Max Sheppard won Player of the Week honors in Week 11 of 2016.

Below is the entire 2017 team roster. Bold indicates that the player was not rostered with the team last season.

Name Number
Max Sheppard 1
Jon Mast 2
Pat Earles 3
David Vatz 4
Jesse Evans 5
Anson Reppermund 6
Mark Fedorenko 7
Thomas Edmonds 8
Joe Marmerstein 9
Max Thorne 10
Carl Morgenstern 13
Kenny Furdella 14
Kyle Hartley 18
Jordan Robarge 19
Jack Hefferon 23
Alex Thomas 24
Ethan Beardsley 28
Aaron Buss 31
Steve Mogielski 32
Pat Hammonds 41
Jake Rovner 43
Jon DeAmicis 50
Josh Tsung 55
Nick Gigliotti 66
Tad Wissel 71
Dillon Tranquillo 76
Xavier Maxstadt 80
Tyler DeGirolamo 81
Isaac Smith 82
Jack Slevin 88
Sam VanDusen 95